Independent Examinations

Hien Le & Co are able to offer independent examinations of small charity accounts and reports, as well as the preparation of these accounts in accordance with provisions of the Company's Act, Charities Act and UK Accounting Standards.


Since April 1st 2009, If your charity's gross income exceeds £25,000 but does not exceed £500,000 in any financial year, then you require an independent examination.

Charity accounts regulations – gross income thresholds



Accounts regulations


England & Wales
(Charity Commission)
For financial years ending on or after 1 April 2009


Audit – irrespective of gross assets (including a group if its combined gross income exceeds the threshold)


£500,001 or more


Audit - when gross assets exceed certain thresholds


£250,001 or more
(when gross assets are in excess of £3.26m)


Independent Examination (by a person holding an appropriate professional qualification)


£250,001 to £500,000


Independent Examination (by an appropriate person)


£25,001 to £250,000


No independent scrutiny


Up to £25,000


Receipts and payments accounts are allowed
(non-company charities only)


Up to £250,000


Accruals accounts are required (company charities)


Applicable to all

If you are under the examination threshold we can offer advice on all aspects of running your charity.


An Independent Examination will include:


  • Review of the accounting records kept by the charity
  • Comparison of the accounts presented with those records
  • Consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts


Advantages of an independent examination


An independent examination is a simpler form of scrutiny than an audit but it still provides trustees, funders, beneficiaries, stakeholders and the public with an assurance that the accounts of the charity have been reviewed by an independent person. For this reason charities under the examination threshold often opt for early examination.


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