Financial Systems Consultancy

Hien Le & Co offers highly experienced financial systems consultants to help customers efficiently design, implement and maintain complex business performance management applications using industry best practices. We provide the highest level of consulting expertise, drawing upon our experience and knowledge.  


At Hien Le & Co, we combine our range of accounting, information technology and business experience to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, allowing a fresher approach that's more focused on your needs.


We can help you with:


  • Project Management - systems selection and designed, helping choose the best accounting system for you.
  • Software Development - building software tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Sage Software - product selection, installation and training.


Some of our previous successful projects include:


  • Crossrail - accounting system selection, installation and training.
  • London Marathon - payroll and accounting system review, bespoke and support.
  • Carlton Publishing Group - accounting system review and upgrade.
  • Commerze Bank - accounting systems selection, installation and bespoke.
  • Capital City Academy - payroll and accounting system selection, installation and training.


Free Consultation


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